List of Milford's 2024 Earth Day Exhibitors

Aiping Tai Chi       

We will be sharing our practice of Tai Chi and Qigong, which is best experienced practicing outdoors in nature. These are ancient practices that help us embrace sustainability in our own bodies, our energies, our health, and our well-being.


Alice’s Reloved Workshop

‘Workshop on making cat toys from caste-off things, with a chance to think about the variety and volume of trash—and alternatives for repurposing some of it.


All In for Milford

All In for Milford believes EVERYONE should have good food to eat, a safe place to live, and a voice in their community. They recognize the need for a multitude of home options for everyone. “This can only be possible when we reimagine our built environment to include gentle density, the repurposing of large single-family homes, more public transportation and the creation of green spaces for all.”


Ally’s Earth Touch Massage

Chair massages and all natural products.


Arts from the Earth

Interactive crafts for children—with explanations on the importance of different sources of clay and other materials and examples from the artist on pottery jewelry, and sculpted products that can be made with these materials.

The artist is a member of the New Haven Paint and Clay Club and the Westport Artists Collective.


Bartlett Tree Experts

‘Will be handing out native dogwood seedlings and answering public’s questions on tree health.


Beth-el Center, Inc.

‘Will be explaining the many ways in which homelessness and hunger are affected by climate change and describe how individuals united in a cause, can change the outlook for entire communities.


The Bear Reality

Exhibit hosted by Felicia A.E. Ortner, experienced Master Wildlife Conservationist and nationally recognized speaker on the subject of bears-- their physiology, habits and behavior, populations, natural history, status and conservation. Ms. Ortner will bring items to help the public learn more about bears and answer questions about increasing bear sightings in our area, including what it means to have bears nearby and how we can ensure safe, mutually beneficial, surroundings.  


City of Milford Conservation Commission

‘Invasive plant awareness and identification—with an emphasis on how invasive plants damage the environment and how each of us can play an vital part making a healthier ecosystem, starting in our own backyards.


The Clean Earth Project

“My organization is an amazing lifestyle brand that travels the country hosting litter clean up events for the last 12 years, we host them in 50 states and beyond and host many local events in CT throughout the year. We have invented and sell the coolest and most innovative litter collection tools in the marketplace, we also manufacture apparel from water bottles(rpet).”


Come Clean with G

Hosted by an independent consultant for Norwex, cleaning & personal care products. Norwex's mission is to create Safe Havens by radically reducing the use of toxic chemicals in your home. Many Norwex products are made out of recycled water bottles pulled out of oceans. Norwex is working hard on discouraging the use of single use paper towels, napkins, mop pads, chemical wipes, etc.


Connecticut Audubon Society

‘Offering information on how the impacts of climate change, light pollution and more on birds and more. The table will include information on membership, volunteer opportunities, and our summer children’s camp.


CT Environmental Rights Amendment Alliance

‘A group working on passing a constitutional amendment to guarantee environmental rights to clean air, water and soil.


Dr. Energy Saver of Connecticut

Home insulation to help people use less energy to heat and cool their homes.


First United Church of Christ

‘Providing volunteers for activities and exhibits throughout the day.


Garbo Grabber

A company that has invented and sells “the most efficient litter pick-up tools.” “We help fund, start and work alongside nonprofit organizations all across the world. Everything in life evolves, why shouldn't the way we pick up litter?’”


Girl Scouts of Milford Daisy Troop 30328

‘Will host an eco-friendly craft session on how to use resources wisely.


Heads Up Hartford

“We are a nonprofit week-long scholarship-based summer camp in its 20th year. We are a community service camp for teenagers, who come together to give back through a week of community service activities. They participate in many environmental missions-- for example, our campers groom trails at parks, work in community gardens, and organize neighborhood cleanups!”


Katherine Hauswirth, nature writer

Author of two works that help readers connect with the outdoors: The Book of Noticing: Collections and Connections on the Trail, from 2017 and The Morning Light, the Lily White: Daily Dips into Nature and Spirit in January 2023. The author will share the opportunity to read and learn about nature.


Jonathan Law High School Football Team and Helper (s)

The students want to set up a trash clean up competition for Earth Day. The group would assemble on the Green for the 10 AM Kick Off of the Earth Day Event. The teams would receive their map/destination and bags and gloves and go over safety. Teams would disperse to clean up areas and return to Green for weigh-in between 12:15-12:30 PM. Team that collects the most trash by weight will get some sort of recognition, but this will be the beginning of a charge to do more community service to keep the Earth Day momentum going. Details are still in the works as to the prize and encouragement for continued service.

Milford Department of Public Works

Stop by to learn what belongs in your recycling bin vs. the trash!


Milford Energy Advisory Board

Advising the City of Milford on Energy efficiency and conservation.

*Milford Environmental Concerns Coalition (the ECC)

Also the hosting organization for the Earth Day Event, the ECC will host a booth this year that emphasizes three issues:

a) An essential, but largely unknown, state "no-idling" policy; b) the importance, for a sustainable future across the U.S., including Milford, of providing options for residents of all ages to use their bicycles for short trips—that means starting NOW planning connected streets in Milford with physically separated (safe) bike lanes; and c) the hazards of excess pesticide use.


Milford Land Conservation Trust (MLCT)

‘Promoting the Mission: Conserving and Protecting Open Spaces for Future Generations.


Milford Public Library

They will offer a crafts opportunity and “Reading Corner” with samples of books for Earth Day.


The Milford Garden Club

“Our mission is to urge the preservation of our natural environment and to beautify and educate our community through civic projects.”


The Milford Tree Commission

An opportunity to learn procedures and responsibilities of the tree commission—including tree planting and protections. Information is also available on the benefits of trees.


Nate’s Plates, LLC

“Food, always fresh, always served in recycle or compostable containers. Protecting the environment is a serious thing for us.”


NOAA fisheries Milford Lab

“Scientists from the NOAA Fisheries Milford Lab will be at the event to talk with the public about their research on shellfish aquaculture and the environment of Long Island Sound. Specifically, our research includes developing environmentally-friendly probiotics for use in oyster hatcheries, studying aquaculture gear as habitat for marine life, studying how shellfish remove excess nutrients from coastal waters, shellfish genetics research, understanding the spread of shellfish disease, and responses of shellfish to ocean acidification and climate change. The lab will bring some native shellfish to demonstrate how they eat algae, making the water both clearer and cleaner. We will also show an underwater video from oyster farming gear in Long Island Sound, demonstrating how native fish species use the gear as habitat.”


The Park Ploggers

The concept Plogging is from Sweden and it combines "ploka upp"(picking up) with jogging. We are volunteers, providing the service of de-littering outdoor public spaces while jogging (or walking AKA plalking). “My table will be educating the public with plogging hacks, and location suggestions.”


PosiGen Developer, LLC

‘Will offer an information table to promote the Solar for All program. “We offer Solar and Energy Efficiency to all homeowners with no minimum income or credit requirement.”


REI Co-op

“REI Co-op is a Cooperative owned by its members whose contributions and support enable us to meet our company goals around creating sustainable and inclusive spaces in the outdoors as well as promote greater sustainability practices in our clothing and gear offerings. We will share information on projects the Co-op is currently working on and share how the community can help support those goals.”


Save the Sound

The Long Island Soundkeeper team at Save the Sound works in the field conducting water quality testing and responding to pollution threats as well as in the political arena to strengthen and draft bills to protect our local wildlife to achieve our mission of protecting the public right to fishable, swimmable water in the Long Island Sound.


“Emma DeLoughry, our Associate Soundkeeper, will be present to discuss ongoing Soundkeeper projects and issues of concern within the Long Island Sound and to share the water quality results from our 2022 Unified Water Study Long Island Sound Report Card. Guests will also have the opportunity to play a fun Long Island Sound trivia game and win Save the Sound swag items as prizes!” 


Sweet Louise and the Monkey River Band

“We provide acoustic roots music to keep people smiling while they are protecting and/or restoring natural resources.”


Trout Unlimited, Nutmeg Chapter

The tent and table for this cold-water conservation organization will offer brochures describing TU, a map showing the eight chapters in CT, brochures on the organization, and some of the tools of trout fishing—a fly rod and tied flies. They’ll also show a video of their conservation projects.


UCONN Extension Master Gardeners

“The UConn Ext. Master Gardeners will be providing advice on planting native plants and how to maintain them. Also, by creating swales, channels, and rain gardens they will show how to keep the rainfall from more frequent heavy rain events on your property and not have it runoff, unfiltered, into storm drains and into rivers and streams.”


UCONN Extension Master Composter Program

“Master Composters will answer questions regarding setting up home composting stations. They will provide handouts with instructions for creating the perfect amendment to gardens, trees, and shrubs using the right mixture of materials. Also, they will provide information on soil testing to avoid over fertilizing which creates issues with nutrient rich runoff.”


Wilder Earth Studio

“I create paper and art supplies from invasive plants, which supports my mission to help return natural resources back to the native flora and fauna so they can thrive.”