The Milford Earth Day 2022 celebration will be an excellent opportunity to connect with the Milford community and showcase your organization’s commitment to a sustainable future.

This event will take place in the lower field at Eisenhower Park, 780 North Street. Plenty of space is available for exhibitors to set up. There is no fee required, but we encourage tax-deductible donations made to Milford's Environmental Concerns Coalition. Exhibitors must supply their own tables, chairs, tents, and other supplies. If food is being distributed the exhibitor must obtain all required permits from the Milford Health Department. To prevent interference with Milford's 500 Tree Giveaway, demonstration setup must be completed before 8:00 AM. Please reach out if you would like to set up the day before.

We welcome neighborhood clubs, civic organizations, nonprofits, for-profit organizations, artists, and other local groups/individuals to help us celebrate nature’s bounty and ensure a resilient, beautiful, and healthy future for Milford.

Exhibits should be focused on sustainable activities, and should embody the spirit of minimal waste: this means no give-away promotional items or disposable trinkets or containers. Any items sold should be focused on helping attendees live a more sustainable lifestyle. Example feature issues include, but are not limited to:

  • Local environmental volunteer opportunities

  • Ecology and wildlife of Connecticut

  • Value of energy audits, solar energy, and weatherizing

  • Vegetarian/vegan diet and lifestyle

  • Sustainable art projects

  • Walking, biking, and public transit options

  • School groups focused on the environment

  • Civic engagement

We welcome your ideas and creativity!